As photographers have heard it all from our clients and we understand that even though a boudoir shoot is on top of your to do list, there will still be some doubt and these are just some of the excuses we have heard, rest assured you are not the only one who have used these, but don’t let the excuses stop you from having this amazing experience for yourself. 

Before your Boudoir Photo Shoot there are a few things that we suggest you do and pay attention to, which will ensure that you are ready and feeling good on your big day. 

When we say Boudoir photo shoot we don’t want you to think of just sexy photos you will walk away with (even though that is part of the package), No we want you to think “Mind, body and soul changing Experience”!

Here are a few of our frequently asked questions. Have a read as these may answer some of your own questions and if not, let us know we are happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Its a given that you will be centre stage. Boudoir Photography is all about you, your body, your emotions and celebrating your femininity. Expect to be the subject at all times during your photo shoot. You will most probably want photos in lingerie or even some nude shots.

Boudoir photography can be amazing once you have the perfect pose, the proper outfit and the best studio lighting. Having said that, you could have the best photographic equipment in the world and you would still not end up with a good quality photograph if lighting is not considered. Boudoir photography, like any other genre of photography needs excellently planned lighting.