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First and foremost thank you to all the lovely ladies who have agreed to publish their Boudoir Photo Shoot pictures on our website. May these photos be an inspiration to all who have wondered about and considered doing a Boudoir Photo Shoot. We offer our clients a professional and comfortable setting where they can relax and let their inner beauty shine.

What Our Clients Say about us

From Wendy
My experience shooting with September Sun was phenomenal. They took the time to get to know my personality before the shoot with ways to learn what makes me tick, what gets me excited, what makes me sad. It is Important to feel comfortable and relaxed. The planning and detail was perfect and ideas were creative, which makes you look forward and makes it exciting. The shoot itself was a blast, we had fun and laughed creating a environment that makes you feel extraordinary. When people have a passion for what they do they go the extra mile and that is exactly how it went down. Its not just something they do, its who they are and what makes them unique. They get excited about their work and that shows in each photo. Apart from them being awesome people, the quality and effort shows in their work. They made me feel apart of it and not like someone is just taking your picture. They built a relationship with me, making me feel important to them and not like i am just someone in their pictures. I had an exceptional time and would shoot with them any day. I knew the photos would be great but when i saw them i was blown away. The environment they create is the emotion and feeling you see in the photo. I don't need to tell anyone how it was, take a look at my pictures, you will see it yourself. Thank you for the best shoot.

From Etresia
I really enjoyed the shoot, especially as it was my very first. From there I was hooked. I really appreciated the professionalism of September Sun, and at no point I felt uncomfortable. It was a thrill to get the photos after the shoot and would consider doing it again in future. I would recommend this to anybody who would like to have a confidence boost or just feel beautiful in their own skin. As a plus size model you sometimes are unsure about yourself and September Sun changed that perspective of me. I have so much confidence now even if I am not in front of the camera. This shoot changed my perspective of myself. I Hope to work with you guys again in future

From Tas
First off. . .Wow, i couldn't be happier with the outcome of my boudoir shoot the pictures are amazing. I was very excited to do this shoot with September Sun as i have seen the stunning work you Guys have done, sure it can be a little intimidating to have pictures done in your underwear/nude i felt comfortable the whole way, September Sun is super professional the team is on the same path and you and Steph make the whole experience so. Much fun i would recommend it to everyone! We had loads of good laughs, the pictures say 1000 words and very natural. I really enjoyed the fact that both photographers take part in the shoot resulting in different shots and angles from two exceptional photographers. I have received my package and words seem to fail me as there is no words good enough to describe how pleased my wife and i both are. I can not thank you enough! And to quote one of your previous ladies " NAKEDNESS IS NOT A CRIME" Many Thanks Tas

From Sasha
This is a bodacious creation! I recently did a Boudoir photo shoot through September Sun Photography and it was absolutely wonderful. So much fun and so much realization! This was not just taking photo's, no, this was to water a soul. This was my Boudoir experience. It is such a beautiful work of art kissed with a sense of burlesque. This flesh placed against my spirit, I never had much interest in it, I only saw the mess in my head, and looks never really meant a thing to me, but now I have a whole new perspective on this vessel that holds my soul. This life, we need to embrace and understand so much! The wonder, it keeps the magic alive and I feel this now. We must celebrate our body, every fibre of it! Its a gift given to the soul, for the soul to cherish. It is your own unique beauty, delight the senses and the mind. My body and my soul are now in harmony and it is all thanks to September Sun Photography. Bohemian souls, unconventional, unique and very creative. Passion thrives right here. The warm and kind welcome made me feel at home. The calm and friendly atmosphere erased all nervousness and overflowed with confidence instead. I doubt anyone could compare because these beautiful people connect with you to bring truth into the photos taken. This entire experience has certainly given me a deeper, extraordinary knowledge of some kind. The visual pleasure has opened my mind and has made flowers grow within my soul. - Thank you so much! I believe that everyone should add splashes of color to their lives every now and then... and September Sun Photography has a giant paint palette of endless shades of colors
Ps * Nakedness is not a crime

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Body Scapes


Body Scapes Gauteng Photography

Let’s start off with what boudoir means, in earlier years a woman’s Boudoir was part of her room for dressing and bathing, later years it was used for other activities such as embroidery and spending time with one’s partner romantically.

What is Boudoir Photography you may ask?

This is a photo shoot that involves a few sexy, classy and lacy garments and poses depending on the theme or feel you want to be photographed in, the setting can be in a bedroom( referring back to the meaning of the word Boudoir).

Who is a Boudoir Photo shoot for?

Any woman at one stage or another, wants to celebrate a milestone in their lives, and this is the perfect way to do so. You will have amazing pictures to remind you!
A birthday
Engaged? This is the perfect pre- wedding gift for your fiancé.
You lost your goal weight
You want to celebrate you , NO Reason required.

Tips for your Boudoir Photo shoot

Choose your garments carefully, something that will accentuate your body type. Feeling comfortable and confidant is important.
Searching for ideas and poses on the internet is a good idea, but also remember that a photo can never look exactly like the one you saw,the key is to incorporate your true self and own unique look into them, that is what makes them remarkable.
Get enough rest before your shoot.
EAT, you need to have a lot of energy for a photo shoot.
Don’t try to get that bronzy tan a day before your shoot, too dark tans might look a bit odd, and tan lines are also not very flattering.
DONT BE NERVOUS, all woman of all shapes and sizes are beautiful in their own way and that is what we aim to capture in your photographs.

How does it work to book a Boudoir Photo Shoot in Gauteng?

We are able to accommodate you at a location in Johannesburg East, Gauteng or at your premises. Some clients prefer to have their Boudoir photo shoot done at location of their choise such as a classy guest house or a beautiful hotel room. We suggest to our clients that should they choose their own premisses they need to be sure that it already has a clean open feel to it with suitable furniture. Boudoir photography is meant to be sexy and inviting and there is unfortunately nothing sexy about a photograph where the background and environment is not suitable for it.... think about what you want to portray and know that the environment you choose is going to become the background of your photos. We are able to go pretty much anywhere in Gauteng to do your Boudoir Photo shoot.

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