Product Photography Gauteng

Give your Products the visual appeal that they deserve…

We live in a very visual world, More and more people nowadays would rather search web sites like Pinterest because of the visual factor… we are no longer happy with just boring old text to describe a product that instruct us to haul out our credit cards. We want to see, inspect and get seduced by the visual appeal of something…

In the online world as well as in the printed, it will be more so, the pictures in your marketing material that will get them sold. Some web sites are rather bland but its always the fantastic product photography that make them speak to their audiences. Some of the latest trends in product photography are 3D imagery, online stores make use of this to give their visitors a full 3D visual experience of what their products look like. Due to the nature of online stores being a virtual shop environment where the client can not look and feel the goods, this has proven to boost sales remarkably!

We can supply you with quality product and pack shot photography for any and all of your products.

Benefits of good Product Photography :

1) The client is already on your web site - give them a reason to buy your beautiful merchandise.
2) Boost sales by having professional product photography in place
3) Transparency - A well photographed product cancels out confusion
4) Product Photography gets shared and goes Viral.
5) Get a cut above the others that consider quick cell phone pictures to be good enough.

We offer a Professional Product Photography Service in Gauteng:

Product Photo Rates

1-20 Items R94 Per Item
21-40 Items R64 Per Item
41-60 Items R44 Per Item
61 + Items R30 Per Item

Post Production Rates

1-20 Items R60 Per Item
21-40 Items R50 Per Item
41-60 Items R40 Per Item
61 + Items R30 Per Item


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